Let's Get New Multimeters

So I’m thinking we should get rid of our collection of shitty, dead multimeters and replace them with something decent. A lot of our meters end up with dead batteries and they’re so varied that even if you got a battery for them it’s not guarunteed it’ll work afterwards.

Let’s get some of http://www.mektronics.com.au/test-measurement/multimeters/uni-t-handheld-auto-ranging-digital-multimeters.html

They’re $30.50, auto off, auto ranging, and do temp AND have a rubber jacket. Literally the $50 digitech from jaycar, but $30. I’d suggest getting at least 2, maybe 4.



I will make a meter holder station so they have a home to go back to :slight_smile: So they get treated well and don’t get lost.

Just to add all the details to this thread, a budget of $120 was approved at the Cause meeting last night.for

3x http://www.mektronics.com.au/test-measurement/multimeters/uni-t-handheld-auto-ranging-digital-multimeters.html (91.5)

And probes to complete their probe sets. This would be
3x http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1Pair-Banana-Plug-To-Test-Hook-Clip-Probe-Cable-Fr-Multimeter-Test-Equipment-Hot-/191620269129?hash=item2c9d754449:g:8uwAAOSwVFlT6H~A ($7.89)
3x http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/C27259-Full-Protective-Alligator-Clips-for-Multimeters-Push-Button-Type-2-Colors-/351310790324?hash=item51cbc13eb4:g:ajYAAOSweW5U2W4h ($6.03)

For a grand total of $105.42, leaving the balance for shipping costs from Mektronics. I’ll order this today.

New multimeters are in and looking good. Thanks @nogthree.