Lichtenberg figures

(Adam Binns) #1

These are some Lichtenberg figures I did in the past so if anyone has a wood working project and would like it to be burned like this than message me or respond to this as I have the equipment required to do so.

(Ajay) #2

Those look awesome. I have a piece of artwork that I want to make a frame for at some point and I think something like those figures would go really well with it. I’ll reach out when Ive got the frame ready.

(Doug Miller) #3


Does having other material in the wood affect this?

ie does having two parts glued together affect or hamper this?

(Adam Binns) #4

Not really unless they are different density’s. as you can see on the right there is a very dense piece of wood and that is why it looks different from the one on the left. The middle one was made from wood off of a pallet so I think it is medium density. Also I have found that when you go against the grain the wood tends to burn to the sides a bit before it go straight. I have always had the best results with plywood although I haven’t tried it with many wood types so if you are interested in putting the pattern into a project please keep some scrap wood from the project so we can test beforehand and make sure you like the pattern.

This is my personal favourite which was done in plywood.