LightBurn Software Licence Purchase: Expression of interest

Hey Everyone,
We are in the final stages of installing the new laser controller in Chonka-Saurus and hope to have Little Red done not long after.

In this transition to the Ruida RDC6432 controllers, we will also be moving from VisiCut to LightBurn, a widely used commercial software designed specifically for laser cutters. It can do everything from design to laser control and job management. LightBurn works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

LightBurn Software generously provides a license at a 75% discount for maker spaces and also extends it to members if they would like their own licence. The licence cost is $80USD so around $110AUD and with the maker space discount is around $30AUD per licence

You can find out more information about the software here

If you are interested in getting a licence or having a look at the software please let me know

Cameron :slight_smile:

I’m in favour of buying a licence or two at that cost. Let’s do this

I believe we are already buying it for the space, this post is for people who want a license for themselves as well :slight_smile:

So long as the space has it on a couple computers near said lazers, it should be enough. Most ppl will probably want to design in something free or easy when offsite anyway, like inkscape, photoshop, whatever, and just import into LightBurn, once onsite, to set power, feed speeds, etc. Im hoping a few precanned setups will be part of the commissioning… like "cut 3mm acrylic on small red " and “cut 8mm plywood on big red” etc…

I’d also like to Ask those doing to re- commissioning to be sure the Wiki Docs are updated with replacement step by step how-tos like are in there now… ie i don’t want the wiki to be out of date.