List for Wiki updates

Online Working Bee coming up soon! Here’s the rough plan:

  • @nogthreewill start with a ‘How to Wiki’ session, should go for 30 minutes at most, just to get the basics down
  • A couple of hours to kick butt on the Wiki
  • Jackbox games?

So, I’m looking at the wiki to come up with ideas for Sunday, here’s what I have so far, please feel free to amend, add to or replace these suggestions:

  • Add a banner (photo or artwork) to make the page more visually appealing

  • Update cause leader with ‘Craftpunk is using an anarchy-based model of self-governance, but notable Craftpunkians are Meka, Paula and Emily’

  • Fix link to current cause members

  • Clean up the expectation list to be more readable

  • Move the meeting minutes to a Forum post, or, create a separate page for Craftpunk meeting minutes.

  • Create individual pages for each tool
    I quite like how Woodshop has done their tool pages, Electronics have used pictures as well as naming for theirs, which I think works well for people who don’t know names, but know what a thing looks like.

  • Add appropriate Youtube videos for relevant machines, e.g. Janome, Barina, etc (Brendan tells me we can embed them into the relevant pages)

  • Delete the CNC info

  • The rule about cause members overriding the cause leader is mixed up in being a maintainer? It’s a bit moot anyway.

  • Add an update on progress of the room redo, and plans once HSBNE can reopen?

  • Should we keep classes on the forums/Eventbrite? Easier to communicate that way, and is more accessible to the public.