Livestock Butchering Class

Hi All

As I may have mentioned to some of you, I have several male goats that are destined for the pot and thought some of you might find it interesting to learn how to convert livstock into food.

If anyone is interested the short course will be help on my property (in Tamborine) on either the 31st/1st Jan or the 7th/8th Feb (depending on those interested’s availability). No prerequisites needed, no tools are required. There will be a bbq and beer afterwards, plus some meat for the participants to take home.

If anyone is interested please let me know via which ever medium suits you best.



I’m in. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Certainly interested, either date would work fine by me.

Update on the date, I have to vote on the 31st. So I think the best date to do it will be on the 7th or 8th of Feb.


I’m keen for the 7th or 8th, provided I can only be there for one day… I’m theoretically going to be helping with the painting

Lets go with the 7th its probably the better of the options. The whole things will only take a day. If we meet at mine at around 10am we should have finished processing the goats by about 3 or 4pm at the very very latest.


Done deal, I’ll add it to the calendar! If there’s anything you’d like brought down with me just let me know and I can try throwing it on the back of the bike.

Im pritty interested in this after chatting with you tonight

Just a note it might be worth while for you to bring an esky/cooler bag to take home some of your hard work. Also worth bringing a Stanley knife. This should be one that is only used for food, or well cleaned and sanitised.

Otherwise, byo beer for the bbq afterwards.

It will be a productive day



I’ll probably pick up a stanley for the weekend. Do you drink cider?

Im interested to watch

this class happened ages ago, and is historical. the post/s that happened in the last couple of days should be ignored, as it’s the forum email interface being dodgy again.

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