Logo and Slogan Redesign

Hello everyone,
So I have been wanting to bring up the logo design for a while, and decided now is the time. I think that although the current logo has done a good job, it is not a good representation of what HSBNE has formed into. We are by no means just about electronics now, and the logo probably doesn’t do us justice in showing people what we are about. I wanted to start this thread to give people an opportunity to put in ideas for a design.

I also think we need a good slogan. A slogan is used to draw people in, and as such, it should encompass what it is we do, and why we are here.

I want to acknowledge the people who came up with the original logo. By no means do I want to insult you or make your work seem unappreciated. Hackerspace Brisbane has changed and grown a lot since then, and I think it is worth advertising to the world about what we have become.

Post your ideas to this thread, and then we can see at a general meeting if people will vote on a change.

(I bring this up now because I want to make HSBNE shirts)

Have some quick late night vectoring:

FYI These are all riffs of existing ‘Brisbane’ logos and artwork.

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I like the design of our current font logo:

but the burning microchip logo could use an update to reflect the widened scope of our interests. Since the scope is now so wide, I think we’re better to go with something vague than trying to be specific about 10 different things. Perhaps now would also be a good time to have the “what are we?” discussion again (eg. hackerspace, makerspace, community workshop, techspace, buildland). While I think the name HSBNE should stick, we should consider having a descriptor that we give to journalists etc to describe our organization.

As for the slogan:

Dream it - Make it - Share it

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I like the font we have for the lettering… Plus we have a new sign already made with it :stuck_out_tongue:

This is one idea I had for a logo:

Note: this robot is one I borrowed, but something like this.