Looking for a 3D modeler

Hi there,

I need a realistic 3d model figure of THE KISS OF VICTORY for 3d print.

With curly hair, but solid hair to print (not zbrush hairs).
Need high poly models with details for 3D printing.No need for textures and rendering.

Please ensure that the ratio and details are the same as in the pictures.(For details of the figure, see photos)
The designer enjoys the copyright of the work, but please ensure that the work is not sold to others within 6 months of completion.(Designers can sell this work on any platform after this deadline)

Many more to follow if the costing and quality wise product comes good.
If you’re interested please apply here - https://www.cgtrader.com/jobs/4314-the-kiss-of-victory-for-print

my price:
$2000 for return flight , brisbane to san-diego.
$1000 for 3d-scanning rig.
$2000 for laptop to handle scanning rig and post-production into usable format/s.
$1000 for time taken to travel and scan statue.
$1000 for post-production cleanup and delivery in desired format.

total: $7000

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