Looking for a lag maker

Sorry my wording is not to good but I m looking for some hardware that will create lag or even just increase ping. It has to be hardware not software

I would contact dodo and ask them what they use. Or just get a really long crappy Ethernet cable

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High tech…I’d use a small computer running linux of some sort that has two network interfaces and setup a bridge between them… and use the bridge to tweak tcpip kernel settings etc.
Low tech … ethernet tx and rx lines are nominally a 2.5v differential signal so you could screw with the signals with passive components etc without any smarts… but the trick would be finding that middle ground where signal is degraded but not totally cut off… like maybe you could use an oscillator (like a 555 timer or arduino) that is configured to allow ethernet signal pass thru when the signal is high… but disallow signal pass thru when it’s low. … if you have a knob to adjust the speed and/or ratio of the oscillator then u effectively can manually mess with the signal loss in the cable… much like noise and hum can mess with your ADSL…


There are rack mount devices you can buy to simulate lag, I’ve used them at
work, but they are NOT cheap. They have a webpage where you can tweak
in/out latency, packet loss and jitter, but this is clearly just some
embedded Linux - don’t kid yourself, this is impossible to do without

In the US they have dealt with problems with high frequency trading by
installing literally 38km of fibre wrapped up in a box, which created 4ms
of lag IIRC. You’d have to have the fibre routers too if you wanted to use

Just use a Linux box. What is this “must be hardware” requirement, and what
are you actually trying to achieve?