Looking for a person who can write programs and to wire up some gear

looking for some one to wire up a sound cared to a switch and led system and to wright programs

Are you able to give us more details on what your trying to achieve.

There are many ways to get lights to blink to sound without plugging directly into a sound card for example.

yes I need some one who can wire up led light to a board with sound and switch I wish to start a light saber company here in Australia I have the machining of the bodies worked out but not the electronics any advice or help would be great willing to pay to get some one to program sound and what not

Ahh so

5v LED strip lighting
Ardiuno CPU or similar
Speaker and pre-amp
Maybe a gyro or something for wavey ness.

From what I gather you want to play sound and flash lights.
Not listen to sound and flash lights.

First one is easy, second one not as straight forward.