Looking for BBQ & Big Open Day Volunteers

BBQs & (Big) Open Day

The executive team is looking for interested volunteers to run regular Tuesday night BBQs. We are also looking for volunteers to organize a large open day style event. See the details for both below.

Please let us know if you would be interested in taking on either of these and if you have any questions.


Recently we’ve been having BBQs on Tuesday nights which has been great. Unfortunately they’ve been a little sporadic of late sine there’s been no one to take the lead on organizing them regularly. We’re looking for someone or a group of someones to take on this task. The responsibilities would be:

  • Organizing the purchase of ingredients.
  • Organizing who will prepare and serve the food.

Of course, all the costs associated (propane, food, paper plates, etc.) would be covered by HSBNE.

Big Open Day

HSBNE already runs open days on Tuesday nights where the public can come and see what we do as well as join up. In addition to this, we want to run a large one off ‘big open day’ which is like an open day but bigger, longer, and more eventful. The general idea is that the event would run on a weekend or public holiday for a couple hours of the day and feature:

  • Machine demonstrations
  • Classes
  • Cool things made at HSBNE

Think of it like a “Maker Faire,” but without the trademarked name.

If you’re interested in organizing the event some of the responsibilities would be:

  • Playing the role of an event organizer.
  • Planning the schedule and activities of the event.
  • Coordinating people to run demonstrations at the event
  • Advertising the event

It’s a difficult and self led task but please let us know if you are interested.

While I have no event management skills I’m happy to run a demo of the sublimation machine, but the printer is a bit streaky, we made need to fix/replace the printer to have a viable product to demo. I’d love to sell any products we demo at the event or save them for supernova or something if they don’t sell Does anyone know a good source or open source images of a pop culture nature?