Looking for heat exchanger


I was just wondering if anyone has seen this heat exchanger/knows where it is? It was in the doom shelves, then under the welding bench. Has since disappeared.


I have an identical one I got off Richard a few years ago. It does not have the pump on it. I will see if I can find it in the junk if you can’t find that one.

All good man, it was found. Now I’ve just gotta figure out what the heck the fittings on the other side of it are!


I had it. Luckily someone told me it was wanted before i tapped threads in it. I have put it back with the heat exchanger in the metal workshop. I got it from the doom shelves after the tag had expired, brought it back to work on it for a beer kegchiller. Have since sourced another one. If i break this one i will definitely be on the market for another though… hopefully the hot water works soon :yum:

i looked them up… not standard kegging sizes… i suspect it was for food/ drink handling as the flange fittings are made to be sanitised easily. The dirty side has strange fittings too, but regular plumbing fittings if you remove the two hoses.

Ahh right that’s what the go is with those fittings. I’ve gotta weld/braze pipes to it somehow. Sure hope it’ll work for hot water! Has been a very annoying project for quite some time now.

Sorry about grabbing it off you man. If I derp up and can’t use it anymore you’re welcome to have it back!

On another note, is that hot water tank any use for you? It’s got a (mostly patched) hole in the top. Stainless tank, big coil of stainless tubing inside as a heat exchanger…

yes both the tank and the coil inside are immediately useful to me, i dont know if the coil is removeable though, but if i can make a lid it would be a perfect steam driven essential oil distiller. I doubt welding tube onto those fittings would work. I had figured out how to tap it and thread a stainless tube to it if you want to try that?