Looking for help with a fold up dinghy project

I want to buy plans to make a fold up, light weight dinghy. It looks vaguely simple, just a sort of skeleton that gets waterproof plastic fabric stretched around it. However I’d love to work on this project with someone who has more woodshop experience than me. If you’re interested, here’s a link to what I’m thinking of attempting to build. or https://woodenwidget.com/origami.htm the smallest version of either.

iiiiinteresting. are you going to try to steam bend those frames? that would be super cool.

I have no idea yet. I don’t even know what steam bending is! This is why I’m looking for someone with more experience to buddy up with on this project. If I buy the plans it should tell me everything I need to know (hopefully). That website is pretty cool with the tiny caravan and cool looking bicycle too.

I’m keen but i dont want to commit to more on my plate haha. I can definitely pop in and help a bit? dunno.

That looks like an interesting project. What is your timeline on it?

At the moment I don’t have a timeline. I was going to make a decision based on if I found someone to do the project with or not. But it doesn’t seem too complicated. I feel like it could be done over a few days. The days could be spaced out whenever really. Depends on who is involved and what is convenient.