Looking for others for woodshop machine inductions

Hey, I’m looking for anyone else that would want to do inductions for the tablesaw/planer/bandsaw. Get a group of us together to make it worthwhile :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in all :smiley:

Yes please

Yes please need to be inducted on planer and bandsaw.

Me too!

@devians looks like there might be a few interested in coming for inductions :slight_smile: what dates best suit you?

I would also like to attend

I have done the table saw but not the planer or bandsaw so those two would be great to be inducted on.

I’ve done inductions on all.
Not being pushy in anyway as I don’t need immediately but has the exam for planet & band saw been created?

Looks like theres a good amount of interest. I’m going to be working on induction materials tonight. Once I see where I get to with that I’ll advise everyone of what next steps will be. Hold tight!

Yes I am keen to do it.

Hey all.

I’m really time poor at the moment, and I’m mostly focussed on trying to get the online stuff going so I’m no longer the blocker. I’m looking for helpers at the moment to aid me in doing these things:

  • Shoot video shots for the course
  • Editing video footage for the course
  • Editing photos for the course

I’m about tuesday evenings and potentially thursdays a little bit. If you can help out please let me know.

For those keen on inductions, because craig is now away and I’m so busy it may take a little bit, but I’m very aware the demand is there. I’m hoping that the 8+ hours I would spend inducting you all is better spent on creating these courses at this stage. Please bear with me.

I’m happy to help with the videos if you like. I’ll bring in some gear tonight to experiment with a capturing workflow.

We did some recording last night, got through a fair chunk. We will be doing the same tonight so please be aware that the woodshop may not be as available to general use while we try and get the content made.

I have a conference this afternoon so I will get to hsbne around 7:30-8 or so.

Hi all, if you check out the facebook you will see im doing inductions this evening and tomorrow evening. We will try and get through some of the backlog of people. Please register, new classes will become available as the slots fill up.

Hi all, I just joined HSBNE on the weekend. Am looking to do a string of wood working projects so keen to be induced on the table saw when next possible.

Reading the thread, did the induction videos get finished? I can do some video editing if still needed. Otherwise if there’s a weekend induction happening i’m in.