Looking for passionate engineer joining our startup growth journey

Fiffy Solutions - an IoT startup monitoring foot traffic in order to optimise usage of building space and energy consumption - searches for a passionate, ambitious, self responsible and reliable engineer (best electrical) who is willing to contribute to the startup‘s success and joining the growth journey of this young venture.

You will join a young and motivated team. As engineer you will be working together with our electrical engineer Simon and further develope our current prototype. This
Hardware Design
Circuit board development
Skills and experiences in programming microcontroller
Experience in electrical wiring and soldering
Knowledge in maths and physics in order to understand technology
3D Modeling
Knowledge in database and communication technology
Good understanding of technology market and trends

We are based on the campus of The University of Queensland in Brisbane St Lucia. Please contact me at founder@fiffysolutions.com if you would like to know more. I am excited to get to know you!

Is this a paid opportunity?

I am looking for a potential co-founder willing to join our startup growth journey, therefore takes equity. After that salary is possible when both founders agree

Do you have pictures or a description of what you have so far. Reading your website just makes me want to shout bingo.

You have asked for a very broad skill set from your applicants. Almost as though the product still needs to made from scratch. I would feel if someone had skills in all those things they already have a very nice job and would not be looking for an exciting opportunity.

I am lacking in a few of the skills you asked for. With the lack of info you provide I am not feeling excited by the opportunity. I reckon anyone that had ALL those skills would be feeling even less excited.

I think you need to spend some more time selling the opportunity if you want to get good responses. Looking like a form letter from a job seekers website is probably only going to attract people that want jobs.

So please tell us more.