Looking for someone that can do surface-mount soldering work on a phone PCB

I have a Nokia N900 mobile phone with a failing USB port. This is a common failure on the N900 and there are instructions online showing how to fix it but I dont have any soldering gear so I am unable to fix it myself. Is there anyone out there who can help me fix my phone? I am more than willing to pay money to cover time involved (and any supplies that are used). And I am able to come to the Tuesday Open Night next week (or alternatively I am willing/able to go to just about anywhere in Brisbane/Gold Coast that is reachable by public transport)

I have tried a number of “repair” shops in Brisbane but no-one seems to do that kind of fiddly board level SMT work anymore, just component replacement (e.g. broken screens etc)

If there is anyone out there who can help me (or point me to a shop/repair place/organization/entity who can help me) it would be most appreciated.

It should be doable with the gear we have at HSBNE.
I have personally done fiddly jobs than connector replacement.

Please post some links and photos.
Do you have the replacement parts?
If your able to bring it all in on Tuesday I’m sure someone will help you.

I dont think it needs replacement, probably just some soldering fixes

http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=75920 is the forum post with all the details of how the USB fix is done and stuff.

That definitely looks doable, it’s fairly common for microusb smd plugs like that to be poorly soldered on or the pads being too small (like in this case).

We have the gear at the space to do this, drop on in on a Tuesday night :smile:

Good to know that there are still people in this world who can do actual board-level soldering work and wont just say “sorry, the PCB is faulty and we cant get a new one, you need a new phone” (whilst pointing to the large display of new phones on one side of their shop)

Question: Does the hackerspace (or someone who will be there on Tuesday) have really small screwdrivers (I believe you need a Philips Size 00 and a Torx T6 or so) to he the phone open?

I will bring my set,

Though my concern is if the USB port is failing I hope that the thin traces out of the USB haven’t broken.
As soon as they break, it becomes a much nastier job

Yeah I hope they haven’t broken off.
I note that when I plugged my phone in to recharge it just now it took a couple goes before it actually started recharging (indicating the USB is definatly getting worse)

Just wanted to give a big thank you to the guys at the hackerspace for fixing my phone, its now working again (and hopefully it will stay that way)


Glad we could be of assistance