Looking for someone to build opto-coupler, isolator or alternate circuit to improve transmission capability 1-wire-bus

I am an engineer with a small business providing commercial & industrial energy efficiency & sub-monitoring services.

As part of the sub-monitoring system I have of a 1-wire-bus temperature logging system. However the circuit is not capable of driving the signal when the circuit is extended 100m using Cat-5 cable.

I was wondering if HSBNE has a member who is interested in electronics capable of & willing – for expenses and a reasonable fee - to develop an opto-coupler, isolator or alternate circuit to improve a circuit’s transmission capability for me?

Alternatively, if there is anyone out there who can help me (or point me to a person/organization/entity who can help me) it would be most appreciated.



Quick search and found this website

Looks to be what your after

Thanks Ihovo. Based on your link I’ve been able to find 3 possible solutions - both isolators and negative capacitance drivers that might solve the problem.

Do you (or does anyone) know an electronics whiz/student who could build/test such solutions?