Looking for volunteer to run monthly welding classes

I’ve run three welding classes over 4 months, and I’ve now done more classes than I committed to run.

I’m looking for person/s who’d be willing to run perhaps a couple of welding classes each… perhaps just a commitment of 2 classes each… but more is welcome, if you want to do more.

Commitment is probably about 4-5hrs per class ( class itself is 2h, prep is ~2h, admin is 1ish ), it’s really not very much… and you can charge whatever $$ amount you want.

I’ve had it suggested that at least some people would be happy to pay $30-50 each ( that’s up to $500 for a 10-person class, of which you personally get to keep about 90% ish ).

Till now, I’ve chosen run the classes at-cost, and taken just barely enough to cover gas, but that’s totally NOT necessary, so not only could you totally pay your HSBNE membership cost (for the year!) by running just 2-6 classes, but you could choose to make an income out of it if you wanted to.

Anyone interested in running (say) 2 welding classes, please ping me, or post something here. !

P.S. By responding to this topic, I’ll take it to mean you just volunteered to run at least one class! … be careful before you press reply. :slight_smile:

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I’m not volunteering to run a class, however I wanted to add that I attended one of these courses but I still feel a bit uneasy about my welding skills (I have shakey hands so I didn’t expect to pick it up instantly). If someone was to run a paid class for people who already know the basics of how to weld but want some more practice under the supervision of someone who knows more, I would totally be interested. Say, a class to build a simple project to get some supervised practice & feedback so I could improve my technique. You wouldn’t even have to necessarily teach anything in a structured environment, just guide me on what I’m doing wrong so I could make better welds - I’d be all over that! And willing to pay, of course. :wink:

I’d be willing to run either class. I’m not an amazing welder but I know enough.

Practice. …u really just need practice. :slight_smile: