Looking to hire: programmer (very simple physics / 2d game dev)


Reaching out to the HSBNE member base as I am looking for someone who wants some work doing programming.

I have a requirement for a very simple project involving an ultrasimple raycasting/raytracing/collision detection system.

Basically, if you are competent in writing a game of Pong or shooting a bullet to ricochet off surfaces, you are most suitable for the project.

Need someone to start ASAP, the project shouldn’t be too long depending on how good you are. Maybe 1-7 days.

Advertised elsewhere.


If you are willing for working only on weekends and nights I might be interested.

What language are you using and how much remuneration on offer?

Well I can write simple games in assembly language and C on AVR processors

I think that is one step up from Pong :slight_smile:

Can start Monday if need be.