Lounge working bee: 4 September

I am planning to hold a working bee for the lounge on the 4th of September.

The goals are to
1)dismantle the wooden seats and save the screws.(DONE by someone)
2) Mount the sign near the green room laser.
3)Move the pinball machine to the new location
4) Look at getting the CRT into a final location.

This is on this weekend.

I am now here. Due to none else turning up I will be asking for help next Tuesday to move the heavy items

I don’t spend enough time on here, I wish I’d seen this I would have come in to help! I’ll come in after work Tuesday to assist. I will get there around between 4.30 and 530

Much work was done today.

Now it is time to organize the projects on display.

Can anyone who has knowledge of who owns the big pieces get in contact with them to organize an information panel for them. How it was made etc. (or take them home)

If they do not get a panel they may be chosen to be removed from the lounge.

The key things that are on the chopping block are the 3d printed mask, fallout thingy, the large hammer, keyblades and the jet engine.

Hi Tim

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll remove the key things, and the hammers the week. Likely Friday at this rate.

Thank you for communicating, I would have been quite upset if the things i have made and my efforts were tossed in the bin. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Zac_Crow we are keen to keep peoples art! we just want everything to have a plaque so that people have some context and know what the thing is. Ie, who made it, when did they make it, what is it kind of stuff. because when we just have a bunch of items with no context its hard to make it engaging and kind of ends up looking like a bunch of ‘random stuff’.

We can do plaques in a bunch of different ways. one way could be we cut out blanks of brass sheet on the yag now it works and then use @Ryan1 's metal laser etch/mark process to do the text.

I’ll take my stuff home, just until the required plaques are made. That way they aren’t illegitimately on site. When I get a copy of the plaque template I’ll fill them in so they can be engraved/cutting on site. Then I’ll bring the stuff back once the plaques are made :grinning: