LT2 Board Room

This has been a hell of a weekend.
I have spent over 24 hours onsite since I arrived at 5:30 Friday night.

With the help of Colin @firedrake and @buzz a rather awesome thing has been created.

material laid out choosing fit and patterns

In clamps and waiting for the glue to dry. this table contains 147 biscuits and a hell of a lot of glue

Artsy glue-up shot

It’s pretty big. 3000x1260 mm

It’s our of clamps and looks amazing.

Seriously! Whats with the artsy shots, get back to making sawdust already

Actually looks a little plain and boring.

How do you think this will look as an inlay?

I really hope I know what I am doing!!!

That’s all for now. I will finish this off tomorrow night after you have a chance to see it in person tomorrow night.


@firedrake @buzz feel free to add your photos

I’ve only put about 10hrs into the table, including the first major bunnings run for all the timber, the layout, biscuit jointing, glueup, and the table top with adam on friday, then runniung the orbital sander for about 2hrs on Sunday ( thanks to Adam for doing masses of belt-sanding on Saturday ), mixing up special wood-putty and puttying everything in sight for about an hour with Colin, and then biscuit jointing up the 16timbers that we hope will become the table legs ( again, with Colin , yesterday)…


Another great photo by @riumplus - Worth getting the right angle!