Machine surface protection

Since we got the table saw, and a very kind member donated it, I’ve been using a thin urethane coat and then johnsons paste wax to seal the table saw cast iron surface and protect it from rust.

Here in QLD, as you’re all very aware lately, we have a super humid environment that really attacks these surfaces.

I’ve found that the wax works ok, but it wears easily, lets through lots of microspotting, and is kind of a pain when you need to strip sections and redo etc due to the double layer (and the urethane is doing a large part of that protection i think). The wax also traps a lot of sawdust, and it comes off on peoples projects as they make cuts.

Anyway, I’m looking for an alternative. Here’s what I’ve found:

Boeshield T-9

Seems to come up regularly, from what i can read it is a solvent/water displacer that evaporates and leaves behind a parrafin like surface


This is the heavy duty product that leaves a waxy film, theres a lighter version LPS2

CRC makes a few potential products, i havent found a distributor.

Bostik Glidecote (formerly TopCote)
That website is super sketch. This one is nz
Dunno about importing, would have to be an amazing product to bother.


Its what carbatec sells, I literally have no other information other than what they provide.

Another carbatec product, some woodwork forums mention it but no real info.

So, has anyone used any of these? strong opinions? should we just buy a can of each and try them out? Should i just grab my can of motorcycle chain wax and go nuts, call it a day (probably a bad idea, you want a product with no silicones in it as that gets on the wood and prevents finish from applying).

I’ve posted this in woodshop but its pretty applicable to metal shop also, with things like the new drill press table etc.