Magic: the Gathering, Casual Legacy Tournament

Hi MTG Players,
Are there any Magic the Gathering card players in the community. This is a call for a casual legacy tournament that may be held at HSBNE, possibly starting in December and continuing once per month. There was some interest already for a Sunday event held in the evening starting at 5pm-10pm. I have a small contingent of players that would be interested to play. If your interested in attending please reply to this post.

Also for Dnd 5e players there is also some interest in a Dnd 5e tournament so if you want to play dnd 5e please reply. It is expected that a player, at least, have access to a copy of the Players Guide for the Tournament.

Thank You
Pamela Hauff

I am a former MTG player, though I can’t do 5pm presently due to other commitments on Sunday

Hi Hovo,

What times/day would suit you?


Saturday’s are my ownly free day presently, as such I wouldn’t want to commit to anything as it’s a rest and recover day for me.

Hoping to become more available next year, as some of my commitments drop off.