Magnabend Build Meeting

One of the biggest gaps in the metalshop currently is the lack of a sheet metal bender. For those of you who don’t know, the magnabend build is a project that was started quite a while ago and has had a few periods of large progress, but has mostly stagnated. We have almost all the materials required to complete the project, we just need the labour put in to get it done.

I’d like to have a meeting for anyone interested in helping with the project on Tuesday the 17/05 at 7:30pm. We can go over the tasks and allocate sections to people then. There’s no particular skill requirements necessary to help. The more people who are interested, the faster we’ll be able to get it built and functional in the shop. Let me know here if you’re interested in helping.

I’d step over my mother to be there. Count me in.

Really want a magnabend :slight_smile:

More than happy to help, hildi seems to be working so can cad up any parts you need and machine them up.