MAHO CNC Mill - Offer of donation

Hi HSBNE members.

I have only just now joined the forum. I have visited the site twice before on a tuesday… a couple of years ago.

I have had a project over the past year that I just have not gotten enough time to get to… and I think it’s time to pull stumps on it.

I picked up a MAHO Mill cheaply and have it in my garage…
It’s 2.2 by 2.4m… three phase.

I have not fired it up but am assured it worked fine before I acquired it.
It has a good deal of tooling and a full compliment of manuals and wiring diagrams.

I have thought about putting it on gumtree or ebay or whatever…
But I’d be happy if it went to a good communal home like HSBNE.
I am prepared pay for and organise transport.

This is just to touch base… I hve a bunch of other details/photos if there is interest.


ha ha… accidentally picked what is probably the least informative single image in the set…!
try this one…

Hi @erisian, thats an amazingly generous offer. We are always tight for space lately but i will talk this over with relevant people and get back to you?

hey Tim / @erisian, do you happen to know what year it was manufactured…? google tells me that it was probably some where in the '85-'96 , maybe as much as early 2000’s, range… maybe a photo of the manufacturer’s compliance plate and/or serial number/s might help. there’s a pretty huge difference between machines manufactured in the 80’s and the 90’s, and so that info might actually help to know if this machine is going to have a difficult learning curve, or an impossible one. it also affects parts availability and what not as well.