Main compressor

I took the main compressor to com-park at moorooka on thursday 24th 2019 to have the aluminium pipes between the heads replaced with copper ones… Com-pak also put new air filters, oil, sight glass and tightened the belts. Then it was run and first thing that was noticed, it was running backwards, (May run the correct way when plugged in at the space.) Second thing discovered was only one of the three heads was sucking air. Most likely the head gaskets.
I have left the compressor with com-pak for further repair.
They where able to put a couple of second hand gaskets on the heads. The bill should be between $500 to $600 for parts and labor.
This should give use about five more years out of the compressor (with maintenance) cheaper then a new one for now. A new one of similar compacity is $3,000