Mak it with lipo

So there was an old 9.6v Makita drill in the bin near the bone yard so I grabbed it along with a 12v cable with a 40A fusable link that was beside it. This was a very short hack but I though its worth documenting.

I bought a couple things from hobby king to make it happen:
3s 2200mAh lipo $13.70
3s Li-poly cell checker $2.00
XT60 male connector $0.50

I soldered in the cable with the 40A fusible link to protect the battery and cable in the event of a short and soldered an XT60 connector on the other end. The cell checker was glued to the base clip with hot glue so it can be easily checked.

The drill will live in my box in the members storage, you are welcome to use it but because it uses lipo I wont be leaving it out on the bench.


I was the guy that hung wires out of it the first time around, using it powered by a car battery. This is much more sensible.

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