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Exec has been approached to run a ‘Make48’ event. Exec has no plans to project manage this, but if a member is interested in taking this on, here it is for your information:

I wanted to share with your team our new Make48 program “CITY Events.”

Make48 is a USA-based company and we are now allowing our concept to go international! Our Make48 “CITY Events” (due to start in 2021), will allow a Makerspace to host a Make48 event for the residents of their City or Town.

A quick summary of our program:

  • Our blueprint allows a Makerspace to host an event for the residents of a City or Town
  • The Leading Sponsor decides the challenge.
  • The Makerspace is the HOST location for the event.
  • Residents of your community make up the TEAMS.
  • TOOL TECHS are Makerspace members and/or volunteers from Sponsor company.
  • To review with your team please visit

If you would like to learn more, I would be happy to set a short Zoom meeting with myself and the President of Make48 as well, to learn more about our blueprint. Below you can find more information about Make48 and the program.

What is Make48

If you have not heard of Make48, we are a 48-hour competition where teams are given a challenge category, must build a physical prototype, sales sheet and one minute promo video, then pitch to a panel of Judges. The teams have access to a Makerspace and Tool Techs (trained experts) that can run the equipment if needed. This makes for a level playing field, as we believe that everyone has ideas, but making them reality is a tough task.

Make48 is a documentary style series that airs on PBS in 95% of American homes, and we have just finished filming Season 4. You can also find us on our social feeds - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Opportunity

During these events, the Makerspace is the HOST. Makerspace members are ideally the TOOL TECHS and the competing TEAMS are residents of the city or town.

This becomes a City Make48 event, where all the residents have the opportunity to be involved at a local level. Your Makerspace will get the support of a national concept, exposure to residents in your city that may be unaware of your makerspace, and generally should get some quality PR from the local community.

Sponsorship and Costs

The Makerspace generally finds their own sponsorship, however, even if you don’t think you can find sponsorship, we recommend that you apply anyway. After application, you will get to discuss possible Sponsors and Costs with the Make48 Team. The costs for an event are generally standard and you can raise more sponsorship, if you’d like, for help to support your Makerspace.

Support from HQ

Make48 has a week-by-week blueprint planning software that you follow step by step. Full online and phone support is included with the Make48 team.

Please review in detail this link and we highly encourage you to apply to host and discuss the program further with the Make48 team

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