Marcus Schappi visit to Gold Coast

Hi All

I have managed to secure some funding from Gold Coast City Council to get Marcus Schappi from LittleBird Electronics up to the Gold Coast on 27th-28th June. It is part of the visiting entrepreneurs programme so the plan is to have a talk (at a decent venue with food etc) on the Friday night (the subject likely to be something around his “story”, hardware startups and recent ninjablocks microview crowdfunding).

One the Saturday we plan to run some sort of Arduino event - possible an Arduino “master class” - there have been a fair amount of classes for beginners but nothing much for people that are beyond that. I am hoping to get plenty of gear from Littlebird to make it interesting enough for people.

Anyway - the Saturday event will most likely take place at the Robina Community Centre in the same building TechSpace. The Friday evening event may be at a pub or venue elsewhere. I have funding available to potentially bus HSBNE people down (and even bus people up from the south too)… so my question is this:

Would HSBNErs be suitably interested in this to make the trip if I can provide a free bus. One of the complaints I always get from Brisbane people who come to Barcamp is how hard it is to get public transport to Gold Coast venues so I am hoping this may alleviate this.

Anyway - let me know - if there is no interest - that’s fine… people will still be free to make their own way and the event is definitely going ahead.



Sounds interesting, please keep me informed and send reminders :wink:

Do I have a single point of contact at HSBNE that I can work with to arrange. Happy to work with @victorv if he is ok with that as he is also a member of our space. I’m still getting the hang of this discourse thing - normally I would just blast out on the mailing list.

Hi Steve,
you can contact me at:
I think it would be great if we could collaborate together. If you have some further info on what you are planning for the event please send it through. I will have a chat with the exec and bring this opportunity up for discussion during our Tuesday open night.

I look forward to discussing more about this with you.



Sounds good…

PS discourse has email capabilities, eg this is me replying from my email

You just need to change the preferences in your profile on what you want
sent to your email…

Awesome - Thanks for that!

Please keep us informed on here as well! Not all of us meet regularly at the space, and this forum is our primary form of communication.

I too would like to be kept informed. Sounds interesting, but I can’t make a commitment yet.

Will keep you guys posted - as soon as I have venues booked I’ll have them
on Evening event will be on (as it’s a hardware startups
talk mainly and a lot about kickstarter)

Saturday masterclasses will be on

But I’ll post here to.

If there enough HSBNErs interested I will sponsor a bus from Brisbane - if
it’s just 1 or 2 you’ll have to make your own way. If you come on the train
we can arrange a cab or a pickup from train station… I don’t wish the
Gold Coast bus system on anyone.

Hi All
Event is now live at
Please RSVP. I haven’t fully organised the saturday event yet.
If there is enough interest from HSBNE people I can sponsor a bus down here for the event.


HOLY SHIT that was the worst signup process ever. Six confirmation emails straight to Gmail’s “social” tab where I couldn’t find them, followed by two questions I answered with “Don’t make me type things” and “I just want to RSVP”, followed by having to choose a profile picture which I randomed from my downloaded gifs folder.

But hey, I’m signed up.

Final reminder for this - please RSVP on the meetup site so I know numbers. If there’s a gang of HSBNErs coming - please let me know and I can possibly help with transport. So far - it doesn’t seem like many so you’ll have to make your own way down.

Marcus’ wife is about to have a baby so he’s no longer sticking around on the Saturday - so Friday is your only chance to hear him speak and meet him.

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So far I know that @theban and I are carpooling from Redcliffe. If anyone needs a pickup we can grab you on the way through, but keep in mind we’ll be leaving Brisbane before peak hour, so that we don’t get stuck in the traffic.

If there’s no bus, and a spare seat in your car @LuminousElement / @theban , I’d love to carpool. I’m nearish Woolloongabba but can meet you at the space if that’s easier.

No worries @riumplus, your seat is booked. Meeting us at the space would save us a bit of time and avoids potential congestion. We’re planning to arrive at Gold Coast a few hours early to avoid traffic - but haven’t set a time yet. Will SMS you when we’ve decided.

If you want to come to venue early, feel free, I’ll probably be there
setting up and it’s a nice place to hang out and have a beer overlooking
the water.

If you want to go to the beach… Just head across chevron Island opposite
and you are in surfers.

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Hi guys. Any room for me? I was looking into some of the Little Bird stuff not long ago, so I’m interested to hear from him.

I’d like to thank @spidie for letting us know about this event - the talk was great, very informative! Also thanks to @LuminousElement for being Mr Designated Driver in the carpool down there. I definitely took advantage of that open bar.

No problem, glad you liked it. I’m planning many more and will keep you
guys informed