Materials and shop things for freeish

Hi guys, I have to vacate my house since we can’t pay for it anymore (don’t worry I have a place to go)
The things I that I have a miniworkshop on my garage and I have materials, “to be” projects stuff, and odd things that makers like. Basically I need to get rid of all of these, beyond the fact I would like to keep everything.
Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures of the place, take a look to it and ask if you find something that you would like to keep. Depending on what it is you might get it for free or maybe you can hold it for me until I get my things sorted or if you like you can make an offer.
I general terms I’m only looking to give these to someone who will give them good use.
Everything that you see hanging from the wall is on a french cleat system, so is modular and really easy to remove and install
Most of the handtools and hand powertools I’ll keep because I need them for work, but anyway ask!