MDF Thickness for laser?

Hey all.

I popped in last night and hope to join shortly.

While at work today I noticed we had a fair few MDF cover sheets laying about.
how think can the laser get through?
also what is the max size that the laser can take to i can cut them to size before throwing them in the car to bring up next Tuesday?


Should be able to handle up to around 6mm thick. Someone else will need to correct this but the bed is around 700x500mm I believe,

Thanks, Hopefully they don’t get thrown out over the weekend and i can slice them to size on Monday - yep 700x500, which is just over A2.

People have managed up to 10mm MDF before, but since the focus of the laser falls off over greater distances, cutting thicker material will decrease efficiency (costing more laser time per material removed) and increase kerf. 6mm seems to be the sweet spot before the decreased efficiency becomes a PITA. Since the cutter is purported to be functioning better than ever before, it might not be such a pain to cut thicker material any more.