Measuring Inductance and Capacitance


as the title suggests, I’m looking for a way to measure these 2 in the most precise way possible with our equipment.
I found these 3 methods:

But I find it hard to figure out how precise they will be.

Cheers, Sven

Hmmm, if you can find a way of precisely measuring those two that would be awesome, I’m working on a plan for next Tuesday night already, and it would give me a massive headstart if we had that capability.

Yeah, that’s the reason I ask. All for the mighty crossover, our god of sound!

with a function generator, an oscilloscope, a bench power supply, and a resistor, you can measure the capacity of a capacitor.

@Buzz, that looks doable but I’m not sure about the accuracy of that method.

it’s highly accurate, if your measurements are. if you do everything to (say) two decimal places, then your measurement will be equally accurate. so, yes, it can be highly accurate… but only if you are. :slight_smile:

Tried it, not accurate enough with the equipment we got.
More ideas?

Guys! I was googling what sort of meter was needed to measure inductance and it said you can use an LCR Meter, I have one! It should do capacitance as well.

I got a pile of electrical kit from Dad to try sell for him, some of it I’ve kept ( like the counters, DC power supplies and oscilloscope), the rest is in a box for me to try flog off.

Some of it I don’t know much about which is why I didn’t remember it straight away, but I will bring the LCR Meter in on Tuesday and put it on loan to the 'space.

Put a battery in it and tested a few things, seems to work, will loan it to the space, here are some specs.

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