Mechanical Team meetup 13/2/2022

started at 9AM

Members Present

  • Josh Wood
  • Andrew White
  • Alex Massignani
  • Raf Kempeneers

Items done:

  • Continued welding the frame around the door (to a seamweld)
  • Zincpainted the weld
  • Cleaned the extendable awning
  • bolted awning to container

Discussed the:

  • moving of the dustcollector → probably not worth it, It needs slots extended and possible ducting extended, and all this for a 10cm gain.
  • moving of the compressor → we can move it around 60cm back to the door end. The filters and oil can still be accessed through the side.


  • Device a lip so water can’t get in through the roller door bottom edge when it rains
  • Think of a good way to unroll the awning. Currently needs two people.
  • Paint the exterior.
  • Fix the palletjack so we can move the compressor

This is the current to do for the container walls in the mechanical workshop area ( The Word skills are strong in this one):

to do list

There was also an idea to try to use sand to fill up the walls in order to dampen the noise of the compressor.

It would be something different to try, so why not.

Scroll to figure 10

All the sub frame timber must be sealed against the door skins and at all the joins, so it can be filled with kiln-dried sand once the door is hung. This adds mass to the door, which increases its sound transmission loss (STL)