Meeting Tues 07th November 8:30pm (after main meeting)

Hi All,

There will be a woodshop cause meeting on Tues 07th of November.

Agenda is:

  • Future layout and storage plans. The container, uses, materials storage, boneyard storage etc.

  • Buying materials for woodshop needs/projects

    • 1 pallet/pack of framing pine
    • An amount of cheap sheet goods

Quotes are still incoming for this. The idea is so we can build things like shelving for beam goods, storage structures for sheet goods etc.

  • Potentially purchasing a bandsaw with the woodshop budget. Models/Budget up to discussion. Good bandsaws range from about 1.5k-3.5k.

Other topics we may cover

  • Ongoing woodshop projects
  • Fortnightly hangouts
  • Potential future projects and renovations.

Hope to see you all there.

Meeting opened 20:30

In attendance:

  • Josh
  • Craig
  • Sven

By Proxy

  • Rosa
  • Meka
  • Nog

Talked about plans to build shelving around high walls for beam material storage.

Talked about building sheet material storage as an external structure.

Discussed potential bandsaw purchases - further research required but people in favour, thoughts are that its worth getting a good one as its the third part of the core trifecta.

Discussed plans for storage and the works around dust extraction.


  • $300 budget for 90x35mm framing pine for building woodshop infrastructure - Passed.
  • $50 budget for screws for building woodshop infrastructure - Passed
  • $300 budget for sheet goods for building woodshop infrastructure - Passed.

Current plans are to execute based on the first budget and assess as we continue. First thing to be built will be beam storage shelving.

Meeting closed 21:00