MendelMax 1.5 for Sale

Hey, I’m thinking about selling my MendelMax 1.5.

You’d get everything in the pic, plus any extra parts I have for it (I have extra linear rails, heated beds and such).

** There is an extruder, but no nozzle **

** The leadscrews on the Z axis are surface tarnished and will need a clean **

Comes with power supply, RAMPS1.4 electronics.

  • All the steppers are 400 step with plugs rather than hardwired
  • All stepper wiring is shielded, if you ground the shield you can reduce the electrical noise from the motors

Any question, just ask.

I’ve probably sunk about $1.5k into this thing, not sure what its actually worth to someone else, make an offer.

I’m super keen to sell this fella still. If you make me an offer I’ll probably throw in a box full of 3mm PLA for you. I’ve got a few spare beds and linear rails and all sorts of stuff that this comes with as well, just needs a new nozzle!

Hit me up :smile: