MendelMax 2.0, the Re-Maxening

State of the Union

A while ago, I built myself one of these!

And it worked reasonably well, but I didn’t get very far in tuning it, alas. Time passes, and it’s a good point to have another look at the project. The design has been extensively tweaked since I built this, so behold, the 2.0:

(not mine unfortunately, you think I take photos that well? pfah!)

The changelog seems pretty well thought out.

So, while I have no guarantees on timeline, hopefully this thread will document the rebuild :smile:

One of these, and one of those, and Ohhh, definitely a few of them.

My upgraded purchasing list seems to be this at the minimum:

And these as some nice extras:

I’ll need to con Joel into printing the new parts, but that should be easy enough.

Mysteries to be solved

  1. Whats the current flavour du jour for hot ends and extruders? My budaschnozzle met an unfortunate 500ºc end, and then was parted out. I’m thinking this iteration I will be aiming for entire toolhead changes rather than changing nozzles as that seems to be a massive failure point.
  1. I’m currently running a RAMPS 1.4 board, but perhaps the 4pi or smoothie are out by now? Whats the current latest and is there a compelling reason to upgrade to these boards?

Come fly with me

Thats it for now, and realistically I’m only in the research and discussion phase currently. Purchases of new parts, probably in the new year at best. I’ll announce the purchase in the Bazaar when I do go for it, so that anyone else looking to upgrade their MM1.5 can jump in.

Umm, interesting…
I have a friend with a nice CNC table, the parts wont be anodized but they should still be functional if sourced locally.
Super keen to see what people think about hot ends as I also have NFI.