Mental Health First Aid

(Emily Taylor) #1

Just floating an idea for doing Mental Health First Aid, if there’s a few people that would be interested in doing this course I’d be happy to see if we could do a training weekend (It’s 12 hours total) at HS. No idea on cost yet, but I’m also happy to research once I have an idea of numbers (For reference, I paid $90 for my last First Aid course). As for timing, I think I could organise for late Jan or early Feb.

Here’s the link to see what the course covers-

(Brendan Halliday) #2

I’d be interested in seeing how much this costs, as well as a group rate for standard First Aid to be taught at HSBNE.

(Drew Spriggs) #3

A RTO just opened across the road from work, and they’ve mentioned to me they’d be happy to run group sessions for a discounted rate (depending on how many people attending).

I can chase this up if people are interested