Metal shop cause meeting

Cause meeting for this Tuesday night the 6th of August 8:30 pm or strait after general meeting, in the board room.
Topics up for discussion.

  1. Discretionary funds
  2. Metal shop rules/policies

Items to vote on.

  1. tig parts, band saw blades etc. ( will have a full list of items at the meeting)
  2. Height gauge and bluing liquid.(for marking out table)
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Hi @reatek, all financial items for cause meetings must still have minimum of 5 days notice for voting. If you can get your budget/list up today it will satisfy this requirement.

Tig parts $180
Band saw blades for horizontal and vertical $150
Linisher belts $100
Cabinet hinge, gas struts and lock. $150
Miscellaneous $150
Height gauge $250

What TIG parts did we need? What is miscellaneous?

plasma parts

miscellaneous will cover things like milling machine power feed switch, broken bench vise, second bench vise needs some steel plate underneath for strengthening and bolts if needed, banister brushes to go with the steel dust pans etc.