Metal Shop Discretionary funds

I would like to propose that the discretionary funds be upgraded from the $100 per month to $200 without a per month restriction.

Proposed Discretionary funds to include:

  • Consumables : e.g. Linisher belts, grinding discs, band saw blades, welding wire, welding gas etc.
  • parts: For repairs of machines e.g. recent plasma misuse: replacement parts cost $189
  • Materials : steel and timber for repairs and improvements of the shop.

Keep in mind it is up to the discretion of the cause leader on how the cause funds are spent to keep the metal shop running smoothly.

The upgrade to $200 will help do this. As per the example above with the plasma cutter.

I believe the present $100 per month discretionary fund spend was agreed on at the beginning of the founding of the space. This may have been adequate at the time but the space has grown since then and the $100 per month just doesn’t cut it.

I have been informed this change can be voted at the cause level.