Metal Shop Equipment

Hi It was my first night tonight and had a good chance to see what you guys are all about,

Going over these forums I see there is still allot of wish list items I may be able to help with in donations and loan equipment.

Firstly tooling for the Mills - I have hundreds of band new HSS mill bits of various sizes excess to my needs which i believe would be of use, I also have slot cutters etc.

I also have clamp attachments, large amount of various sized T slot bits and rotary tables with indexing tables i’m happy to loan.

I also have CNC control gear 5 axis breakout boards Stepper motor drivers and stepper motors that would be great for converting the mills to Mach 3 based CNC’s.

Now onto the Big Boys, I have just purchased 2 Hyundai HIT 18s CNC Lathes which i was going to store in my shed but am willing to discuss having them onsite under loan. These are very similar to the cnc lathe you currently have but are complete with only minor repairs required, You would have one operational between the 2 straight away, with other ones drives i would have to send off for repair although ultimately id like to upgrade the second unit to a 5 axis lathe / Mill.

Let me know your thoughts

Kind regards



All dem YESES! Especially on the Lathe!

I have a business partner I work with who went in on the lathes with me, but as we only require limited use of them for some designs we are playing with I believe this may be a good fit and will discuss it with him tomorrow if you are willing to provide the space

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I will bring up some tooling with me on Friday for the mills

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These are the big boys