Metal Working

Hi all,

I need a steel shaft fashioned. I have been a member before, for just one month, and can use the laithe, but as my account went into overdraft this week (twice now in a fortnight) I need the cheapest option available…
Is there anyone willing to do this for me for a sixpack or sausage-tray or something? I can supply the steel and specs.

The full story:
I snapped the kick start shaft on my trail bike. It has electric start (which failed due to a flat battery at the time) so I can do without the kicker, but it would leave a hole in the casing. As a new shaft is about $250-$300 and would take a little saving on my part (don’t have much ‘spending money’ left at the end of the month) I thought I might fashion a blind shaft to plug the hole in the meanwhile…