Metalshop Meeting 8/5/2023

Metalshop meeting minutes – 8/5/2023
• Ben Jackson
• Eris Ryan
• Phil Juric

Machine Roundup

Blue Lathe:

  • All good

Green lathe:

  • Maintenance – schedule for oil leaks.
  • Phil to let Ben know what grease to get.
  • Need to buy a grease gun.
  • Large vice fixed.

Horizontal Bandsaw:

  • Good operation.
  • Need to instruct people on how to change to the correct speed.


  • Change oil lines
  • Replaced coolant fluid
  • New tool setter.
  • New rubbers. - Buy


  • Working reasonable well.
  • Has a new nozzle made by Solaar
  • Looking to cast new ones.
  • Need to buy 2 linear rails. For the shield.


  • Great!
  • Can do with some or standoff rings. Eris to source these.


  • Ground wire is now covered in red tape.
  • The non-foot pedal cable (with a adjustment on the head) is being repaired.


  • Will need a new role of wire soon. Eris to source new wire.
  • Not fully functional.

Cold Saw:

  • It lives.
  • Fully repaired.


  • Glued up new jig and wound some test turns and test fit.
  • Nicks in the wire are being repaired.
  • Need to get the electrical controller together.

Welding Gas Monitoring System:

  • No update.

Sand Blaster:

  • No issues.
  • Will need to get new screen protectors soon.

Vertical Bandsaw:

  • No issues.


  • Working OK, but needs more 40 grit belts (eris).


  1. Sell old TIG and Transmig.
    a. Prefer to sell these and eventually replace the MIG with a new one that has the same capacity.
  2. New proposal to get/build a work area for the TIG – Phil.

General business
Would like to invite Ryan (Solaar) and Adam into the team.
Need to get more feedback from members on what they want to use/do. Opportunities to do this in casual chats and in inductions.
Discussed ways to get more social engagement.

Shopping List:

  1. Ben: Grease for the mill
  2. Ben: Grease gun
  3. Ben: Rubber for way protection for HILDI
  4. Eris: Linear Rails for YAG
  5. Eris: Standoff Rings for Plasma
  6. Eris: Mig wire
  7. Ben: Sand Blaster Screen Protectors
  8. Eris: 40 Grit sanding belts for the Linshers

I found a pack of sand blaster screen protectors and have put them in the tub with the grit.

Sweet! Many thanks!