Metalshop Packing Plan

I’ve put together a plan for the metalshop pack up for the move. It should be possible to load most equipment onto pallets and pack and load most items over next weekend (12th & 13th) if we have a few helpers. I’ll provide an update within the next couple of days on what times the metalshop team will be present for anyone else able to assist.

Small items:
Most hand tools in the metalshop should be able to fit into their respective tool trolley. Any remaining items will be placed into boxes and into one of the metalshop cabinets. The TIG welder and Plasma cutter will be boxed and placed with the other small items.

All equipment will be loaded onto pallets on the weekend of the 12th and 13th of August ready for loading into containers. Some pallets will contain multiple pieces of equiment to maximise space efficiency. The following equipment will need to be placed on pallets:

  • HILDI (This may not fit on a pallet, can be loaded without one if necessary)
  • Green lathe (Needs wide pallet, may need hardwood)
  • Blue lathe (Needs wide pallet)
  • Pacific Mill (May need hardwood pallet)
  • Surface grinder
  • Horizontal bandsaw
  • Cold cut saw
  • 2x vertical bandsaw
  • Drill press
  • Hydraulic press
  • Safety cabinet, welding cabinet & hazardous waste cabinet
  • Tool chests/trolleys
  • Grinders & Linishers
  • Sheet Roller
  • Sandblasting cabinet

There are several items loaned to the metalshop which will need to be discussed with their owners:

  • Surface Plate
  • MIG Welder
  • Spot welder
  • Heat treat oven

Other Tasks:

  • Spray all equipment with rust prevention spray
  • Return gas bottles to BOC
  • Take down airlines
  • Take down LED lights
  • Disassemble gantry crane
  • Disassemble welding bay
  • Take coolant out of all machines
  • Take all liquids out of dangerous goods cabinet.

Stock Material:

  • Any unlabelled stock material in the metalshop past the 11th of August will be treated as scrap. If you own any stock, please retrieve it before the 11th. The metalshop team will contact the owners of labelled stock for collection. The metalshop team will determine which stock will be packed and what will be sold or scrapped.


  • All wires and parts on the YAG will need to be disconnected to separate the computer/power tower, laser bed and chiller ready for movement into a container.
  • The lathe will be placed last into a container so light items can be placed on top of it (ie. chairs).

Looks like a pretty solid plan.

We will also need to remove any coolant from the machines. We can collect this in a container and I can take it to the councils hazardous waste disposal (there is one in September near me).

I can take the gas bottles back to boc. Just confirming it will be the argon, argo shield, oxy and acetylene? Nothing else?