Metalshop supplies

We need the following items for the metalshop.

(a) 1 or 2 clear full face shields for use on the linsher and grinders.

(b) 1 x carton of ear plugs. The current ones are all wet. Maybe we could move the safety PPE to another place further inside.

© Linisher belts. 180 grit metalwork belts. 1220mm long for the vertical, 914mm for the horizontal.

(d) A set of basic lathe cutting tools for the H&F. I could not use the lathe today, there were no cutting tools that I could find and all the replaceable tips were used, just empty boxes.

(e) Propose we need to set up a cabinet for the H&F lathe to put all the items that are relevant to that lathe so they can be located when needed.

(f) Mount a large white wall board on one of the metalshop walls where the PPE is attached and marked where it goes. Then we can see whats missing and hunt it up.

Surely the above does not need a motion / vote / online arguments etc etc. These are essential items. So lets get it done. And yes, I am willing to assist in the facilitation of the above. All we need is the go ahead and the money .

a) about to be ordered
b) about to be ordered
c) Looking at H&F, they only go up to 120 grit? Correct me if I’m wrong - links would be appreciated.
d) Any suggestions? Do we just need carbide inserts? HSS tools? I know @rut4ger got some decent cheap carbide tooling off eBay, might be a good idea for us. Possibly this. Anything else? Chuck together a list of what you think we need.

g) Mill tooling - @Drew_Spriggs suggested 12 piece kit - Perhaps 2, because we will break the smaller ones pretty quick?