Metalshop Team Meeting 2021-06-15

The next Metalshop Team Meeting will be held on the 15th of June 2021 7pm .

As per HSBNE’s Teams Policy, any items requiring a vote must be posted here to allow for 5 days notice to the membership. Thus the deadline for agenda items with votable aspects for this meeting is midnight the Thursday before. Any items posted after this deadline will not be able to be voted upon this meeting and tabled for the next meeting for discussion and team member voting. Any HSBNE member may attend the meeting, but only Metalshop Team members are able to participate in voting.

Standing Agenda Items:
General Business
Updates on Ongoing Projects
Updates on Machine Repairs & Minor Upgrades
Voting Items
Thank yous

Agenda Items:

I’d also like to discuss the future of the metalshop including:

  • Creating online inductions
  • Implementing 5S procedure to improve usability
  • Running classes

With the shift to teams, I’d also like to discuss:

  • Team member responsibilities and monthly reporting
  • The metalshop budget & operational expenditure
  • The metalshop consumables list
  • A system for metalshop projects
  • A system for prioritising capex expenditure