Metalworking cause meeting

Tuesday, 23/5/2017 after General meeting.

Please designate vote proxies if you can not attend. This needs to be brief. Woodworking meets directly after


  • Space and layout for machines
  • Upcoming classes
  • Voting Items:
    Tooling based on items listed in Trello
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Might be a good time to discuss what tooling the space should supply and what not?

Voting item: Purchase Ollie’s lathe, or not?

What time is the meeting due to be held?

usually 8pm.

Proxy my @Svenska if he says yes to the lathe :stuck_out_tongue:

My proxy, yes to purchasing the lathe. Abstain from any vote regarding the sheet router, don’t care enough to continually defend and justify its existence any longer.

@Svenska has my proxy, @doc has the form

Is there minutes from this meeting?

Was anyone at this meeting who can provide notes or a run-down of what happened?