Metalworking Cause

Ok, time to legimise this shambles,

Welcome to the Metalworking Cause!

Our cause is centered around making things out of metal, suprise suprise. I’ve decided it’ll be easier to treat the Welding Workshop and Machining Workshops as one cause to make things easier for everyone. Its a big area so I’m going to be relying pretty heavily on the cause membership to help me out, otherwise I have a feeling I’ll be rather busy chasing after everything.

There’s a number of projects I’ve found around the space that require basic fabrication and welding, such as;

  • Build a Proper frame for the Strandbeest in the shed. The current frame the legs are bolted to was a last ditch effort to get the thing to move for the parade. Sadly that didn’t work, what it needs is the frame I designed for it with bracing and what not. In it’s final form the driver sits 20-30cm off the ground rather than nearly 2m. Theres some tricky stuff in there so it should be a good challenge for us, very good practice for something more critical such as…

  • A Go-Kart! I’ve started amassing parts for it, we have a number of options for possible uses and designs. We can go in a lot of directions with it. I’ve got a 1L Honda engine and a supercharger, or we have a 125cc Lifan dirt bike engine. If we wanted to spend a little money on it there are limitless other options.

  • HSBNE Sign and frame, We’ve got the job to build a frame for a new sign to go on the front of the building to upgrade the sign we have currently. We’ll be starting that in the next couple of weeks to have it done for the Re-Opening.

  • Frame and pipe work for and oil burning furnace. The big CNC needs a few cast parts, and a few other machined parts made to make it operational. I have a bunch of parts to put it all together. It can seriously improve our smelting and casting capabilities. Personally I’d like to delve into making some different alloys to give us some better material properties.

  • Parts for the Big CNC machine, there are a number of couplers and other parts to be made to get it operational again and cutting all the metal.

I can make all of these things myself, but there are more projects than you can poke a stick at once you start looking for them. I’d really like to get some people in on these projects and share some skills and make some cool stuff as a group, it’s a great way for everyone to learn and to improve the space as we go. I also think a big group project is really important to making this cause as awesome as it can be.

Classes are being held Thursday evenings at 6:30p.m. To accomodate the Welding and machining classes Intro classes.

Welding Intro - This will be a more traditional class, There will be a few different welding processes set up for people of all skill levels can come and get a good grounding in the various processes, how they’re used and what they’re good for. Numbers will be limited to allow me to give proper one on one feedback on your welding. You’ll be able to get inducted on the various machines as well. I’d love it for any competent welders to come along and guide wherever possible.

Machining Intro - In the same vein as above, entry level/any skill level class. This class will be an intro to using the mill and lathe. We can do little things like making a cube of aluminium and any other simple jobs that need to be done for the above projects.

Weeks between these Intros will be for the cause members to come along and work on personal projects they need help with and to work on the group project.

The Intro classes will be $10 for members and $20 for non-members.

Monthly meetings will be held on the 2nd Thusday of the month for ease of access to everyone as I’m assuming there will be a thousand keep punters there every week.

So the basic calendar of Cause Events is;

  • Welding Intro will be 1st thursday of the month.
  • Meetings will be fortnightly on the 2nd and 4th thursday of the month.
  • Machining Intro will be 3rd thursday of the month.

I’d like to be able to contact everyone in the cause if need be, so I’ll whack up a cause member list and update it as the cause grows.

Current Members are;

Only Members I can’t find are
Tim Owen
Craig (something I can’t read)
Hopefully these members will get in touch. I’ll spam you all the day before our monthly meeting for great courage.

I think that gets most of everything out of the way, Hope to see you all this evening as we’ll be starting our letter for the new HSBNE sign. Thankyou all who joined the cause, it’s going to be AWESOME!!!


Won’t make it tonight due to illness I’ve been battling for a few weeks but have put it in diary for meeting next month.

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Can you put me down as a member too please. Thanks

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Sign me up too please.


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I wants to be a member of the metals also!

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Hi Karl, I’d like to join the cause.

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Have been reading some interesting things about our mill, how the quill power feed works, how to power tap stuff…

Also I have a part I need to fabricate, a compressed air manifold, 15x15x100mm-ish bit of aluminium with a hole bored down the length and 5 or 6 holes bored in one edge. Should be easy, I’ve already drawn it up in Solidworks. Yay for fabrication!

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Also, while we’re milling up manifolds out of aluminium stock, we should look at the oiling system on the mill, shouldn’t be too hard to whip something up.

Edit: I realise that link is about adding a one-shot oiling system to a mill that did not previously have one, but I believe ours has had one previously and someones removed the pump and associated fittings. The link just goes into great detail about how it all works and goes together :smile:

Here’s the link to the solidworks part I made for the quill feed pully.


Sounds cool, what can you do with the quill feed?

Just a thought on drills, does any one know how to shapen them, I use the barrel shapeners, but they seem a little shitty, can anyone share some skills on sharpening on the grinder?

I can also run are class if people are interested on how to drill through stuff, noticed some of the drills have been overheated.


You can use the quill autofeed to drill/bore holes to a precise depth. I admit it’s not super useful because it’s not measured on the DRO, but it’s still neat to know how it all works.

Speaking of DRO, we should totally fit out the lathe with some of these

Oh, the mill already has a power feed in it, what is the part for?

The process for sharpening a drill bit is actually quite simple but just as simple to stuff it up.
Essentially you only need a bench grinder and skill.


Please add me to the cause.

I have also successfully used an angle grinder ( cutting or grinding disk, doesn’t really matter ) , and a linusher, and a circular bench sander, and a dremel, and this one time, when really desperate, I used a sharpening stone. … but sssh don’t tell anyone it’s so easy. :slight_smile:

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As a cause member

You may allocate up to 25% in total of your monthly dues towards up to Three causes, which gains you membership in those causes and voting rights. You can change these allocations once per month by contacting the Treasurer and notifying them of your preferences.

Hey all,

Spent some time cleaning the hot works area. It’s far from being fully cleaned, but if people can please leave it cleaner than when they found it will make using the space so much more enjoyable.

There are now bins next to the work bench and the cut off saw table.

Please note one the most important tools in a workshop in the last photo! Keeping the place clean makes it easier, safer and more enjoyable to work!




Thankyou Jace, thats awesome. I’ve been wanting to get that done for weeks. Greatly appreciate you clearing it all up.

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If you look closely you’ll see the drop saw (mostly) no longer leaks cutting fluid everywhere. I tapped the drain hole to 1/4" NPT and put a bung in, so it drains nicely now :smile:


That is some nice work. Thankyou dude.