Mexican food next week

Hi guys,
I’m making HSBNE dinner next week to raise money for the Createatorium. I’ll be making Chilli Con Carne, Nachos, and burritos. I’d like to get an idea of how many to cater for, so if you know you’ll be there and eating my delicious food, reply to this thread. I will not be over catering by much, so those who reply on the tread get first pick if there are more people than expected.

There will be GF, dairy free and veggie options.

$8pp (Guacamole is extra because its super expensive.)

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I’ll be sad to miss this Boo, I’ll be at work next Tuesday night :frowning:

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F yeah mexican is awesome. Count me in for sure.

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Put me down for delicious Mexican food :smiley:

+1 Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom

hey boo sorry for the late notice can you please put me down for food too