Microwave Dish Sale

Recently we’ve had these microwave dishes donated, and it’s been a bit of a wait according to this original thread.

We have seven of the large 1.8m dishes and two smaller 1.2 m dishes, and as these seem quite popular, we’d like to offer them for $50, and first to the members who commented interest at one per person. Those were @devians, @Boo, @riumplus and @crofty. Please respond to this thread if you are still interested, and what size you’d prefer.

Anyone else who would like one, please also comment below, first in best dressed. I’ll PM the payment details to everyone after we sort out who gets what.

@sjpiper145 incidentally, I’m interested in grabbing at least two of the dishes.

Ok, i’m cleaning up this post.

still interested

Whats the latest with these? I keep forgetting about them. I’m still interested in one for $50, I would like to build a solar furnace.