Minutes for the 17th September 2019 metal shop meeting

Metal Shop Meeting September the 17th, 2019

HSBNE 221c MacArthur road, Eagle Farm, QLD 4009

Meeting called by: Craig Rea

Type of Meeting: Metal Shop Cause


Joshua Hogendorn, David Bussenschutt, Charles Biddulph, Ryan Marple, David Seff, Craig Rea, Lincoln Phillips, Alex Evans, Ryan Daley, Luke Hovington

Proxy: Phill Thompson


Agenda Item : Height Gage additional cost of $69


It was explained that the cost of the height gage come in at $319 which was $69 over the original voted in price of $250. It was further explained that we had to vote for the $69 to be approved.

Conclusion: The above item was voted on and passed unanimously.

Agenda Item: A new lathe to the metal shop.


A brief presentation was given on what lathes are available on the market and what lathe would best suit our situation and budget.

Conclusions: There was an unanimous agreement that a budget of $8000 would be enough for a suitable lathe for the metal shop.

Agenda Item: The metal shop Operating Policy.

Discussion: The policy was read through section at a time out load to the members at the meeting, there was then a discussion and feedback after each section. There where add on’s and changes made to the policy.

Conclusion: The changes to the policy are to be written up and posted on the forum. A new meeting will need to be made to vote the final policies in.