Monitor wanted

Does anyone have a monitor they would like to donate to my cnc machine as my old monitor gave up the ghost.
Doesn’t have to be fancy just display a picture.

I’ve got one you can have, What kind of plug do you need?

the old db15 plug but i have some adaptors etc. thanks karl ill be there tomorrow if your going to be there.

I have two old 19" (I think) trinitron CRT displays that are destined for the tip, if you’re happy to rock the old-school CRT look I can bring one/both in.

probably not a crt as i don’t have the space and those suckers are heavy

There’s so many old lcds at the space we would probably have accumulated 3 more in the time it takes for you to take one of them. Anyone against letting Aarin have one?

its all good i have sourced one.